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    CYLG is a boutique Law Firm with a focus on complex commercial, real estate, and intellectual property litigation

    CYLG is a progressive law firm that combines the innovation, agility, and personal attention of a boutique firm with the sophistication and high quality experience offered by large national firms. Indeed, our attorneys left nationally-recognized law firms to create an atmosphere of increased responsiveness, efficiency and a focus on result-based solutions to our clients’ evolving business and legal needs.

    CYLG’s “client-first” philosophy is woven into everything we do. We utilize leading edge technology, alternative fee arrangements, and a collaborative team approach to each representation and project―all designed to streamline and enhance our ability to achieve the efficient and effective results our clients expect. We strive to add significant value to each client relationship we undertake and we believe that we succeed only when our clients achieve their respective goals.

    What Are Business Litigators and How Do They Help Your Company Succeed?

    Business law is a complex field comprising a broad range of different processes. For instance, your Raleigh firm may experience legal troubles from your suppliers, business partners, or even your employees. Such concerns could complicate your operation and make success a more difficult proposition. The solution? Reach out to business litigators that know how to protect your company.

    It’s vitally important to fully understand the nature of a business litigator and the types of business lawsuits you may face. Comprehending this, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and avoid long-term legal complications. You’ll also be able to select a litigator more carefully and get the higher-quality results your business needs and deserve.

    Understanding Business Litigators

    Within a company’s structure, business litigators might serve many different roles. They typically come into play when relationships between two or more groups go awry, and legal steps must be taken. For example, a business litigator will step in during lawsuits between companies, helping to work through these differences and attempting to reach a mutually beneficial goal or one that suits their employer the best.

    During litigation, your team will gather evidence, talk to eyewitnesses, weigh your options, create a theme for your trial, file the proper paperwork, and interact with the court for you. The overall goal is to take the weight of these legal steps off of your shoulders and streamline the process. That said, they won’t make decisions without informing you and ensuring that you are comfortable with them.

    Often, a good litigator is essential because some firms or individuals may create complex designs and traps to trigger expensive lawsuits. People who manipulate the law in this way will do whatever they can to get the money that they don’t deserve. Some may also attempt to use business litigation concepts against a firm to force a settlement. Therefore, you must understand the most common business litigation types and how a lawyer will help.

    Business Litigation Varieties

    Good business litigators experience many types of cases over the years and can provide you with the help you need to avoid long-term complications. These lawsuits can be dazzling in their complexity and difficult to grasp without help. And they can be diverse in how they affect you and your bottom line. A few of the most common litigation types you may experience include:

    • Intellectual Property Concerns – If one business infringes on the intellectual rights of another, a litigator may be essential. Intellectual property includes trademarks, copyrights, logo designs, and other designs unique to a business. A company may successfully sue even if their competitor is not using their exact creative property but something that mimics it closely and misleads the market.
    • Fraud Claims – When things turn sour between two companies, fraud may become an issue. Fraud disputes will vary based on the case but can be pretty intense and damaging. For instance, a firm may pursue fraud claims against a marketing company if they changed their data to appear more successful. Such claims rarely go well for the defendant if obvious evidence is available against them.
    • Fiduciary Duty Breaches – Fiduciary duty refers to the role that businesses must play in protecting any finances or property that has been placed into their care. For example, companies must protect the vital personal information of their customers to avoid identity theft. If a firm does not take the proper steps to secure its fiduciary duty, it may experience intense litigation from many plaintiffs.

    Other cases you may experience include regulatory investigations, partnership disputes, non-compliance complaints, non-compete troubles, and much more. By working with business litigators, you cut back on the potential complaints you may experience. You also improve your chances of success by allowing your legal team to protect your rights and enhance your market presence.

    Processes Available to a Business Litigator

    Business litigators can provide different levels of help to enhance your legal protection. Just as importantly, they can ensure that your cases go as smoothly as possible. Some of the steps that they can take to protect your business needs include:

    • Notifications and Responses – Your litigators will make sure that you fully understand your lawsuits and will prepare your responses and notify you of any troubles as they occur.
    • Expert Legal Advice – When a lawsuit develops, or you’re thinking of pursuing one, your litigation team will ensure that you are as prepared as possible for the complex legal demands.
    • Evidence Gathering – Your business litigator will gather evidence for your case and help ensure that it is legally documented and prepared for a claim to ensure you are satisfied.
    • Witness Preparation – Business litigators help prepare witnesses for a trial by discussing their testimony, teaching them how to act in court, and comforting them emotionally.
    • Handle Your Trial – Good lawyers will handle all the steps of your trial and ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for you as a business team.
    • Decide on Settlements – If your case isn’t going well, but you want to get some compensation, your lawyer will work on the details and ensure that you get some satisfaction.

    These steps are essential for your success and help ensure that your lawsuits are streamlined and secure. Creating a team of business litigators requires you to seek out professionals within your field and experts you know you can trust to handle this complex situation.

    Don’t Get Caught Up in Endless Lawsuits

    The best business litigators are those who put the needs of their customers first. They strive to make their clients happy and comfortable throughout the case. Constant emotional support, legal advice, and other comfort steps help streamline this process and protect your business. A strong litigation team also knows when to seek a settlement if a case is not going well.

    Excellent legal help is just a phone call away at CYLG PC. We have years of experience handling the many and varied demands of business litigation. As such, we’re confident in our ability to handle cases of many different types. We strive to provide each client with complete objectivity and a full understanding of the difficulties of their case. With our help, you’ll be safer in your business operations and more secure with your finances!