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    CYLG is a boutique Law Firm with a focus on complex commercial, real estate, and intellectual property litigation

    CYLG is a progressive law firm that combines the innovation, agility, and personal attention of a boutique firm with the sophistication and high quality experience offered by large national firms. Indeed, our attorneys left nationally-recognized law firms to create an atmosphere of increased responsiveness, efficiency and a focus on result-based solutions to our clients’ evolving business and legal needs.

    CYLG’s “client-first” philosophy is woven into everything we do. We utilize leading edge technology, alternative fee arrangements, and a collaborative team approach to each representation and project―all designed to streamline and enhance our ability to achieve the efficient and effective results our clients expect. We strive to add significant value to each client relationship we undertake and we believe that we succeed only when our clients achieve their respective goals.

    Times When Litigation Attorneys are Essential

    The best litigation attorneys in Denver, CO, are specially trained to handle different case types, but also often misunderstood by the general public. The “ambulance chaser” stereotype is a cruel one, dramatically underestimating the importance and skill of these legal experts.

    But just what do these lawyers do, and how can they help you as a client? Understanding the roles of these attorneys can help you prepare more efficiently for your case and give you the upper hand if you’re facing a tough challenge during your trial. It will also help you avoid any long-term legal consequences that may result from your case.

    Understanding Litigation Attorneys

    Litigation attorneys are trial lawyers who help with civil lawsuits between a plaintiff and a defendant. They work with their clients on every step of the legal process, including investigating claims, preparing cases, presenting evidence during a trial, handling settlements, and appealing cases if they go in unexpected ways. A reasonable attorney has received a Juris Doctorate degree and is accredited by the American Bar Association after getting both a Bachelor’s degree and a specialized degree in law school. Their training should take anywhere between 7-10 years, including on-the-job training with legal experts.

    Attorneys often specialize in complaints or defenses, depending on their preference and training. Those who present complaints must draft pretrial motions, properly prepare a claim, work with their client legally and emotionally, and fight off attempts to strike down or dismiss the suit. Defense attorneys help their clients avoid long-term legal troubles by gathering evidence of their innocence. They may also attempt to get the case dismissed due to lack of evidence or other types of legal situations in which it makes no sense to pursue a lawsuit. For instance, they may dismiss a case if they believe there was a bias against their client by anyone involved in the case.

    Once a trial starts, these attorneys will create a trial theme and develop arguments and statements that help their clients. They work directly with witnesses before the case and help prepare them for the demands of the trial. Lawyers cannot lead or control their clients or witnesses, however. Instead, they must discuss the steps necessary during the trial, including proper etiquette and speaking patterns. If possible, they pursue a settlement that helps end the trial early and eliminates expensive and challenging litigation processes.

    When to Call Litigation Attorneys

    When finding a litigation attorney in Denver, Colorado, it is crucial to know whether they can help with your case. Typically, litigation lawyers are essential in any civil lawsuit. Even if your case is quite simple and seems open-and-shut, these legal pros are imperative. They can help to prepare your case and make it stronger. Without them, gathering evidence and working with witnesses may be much tougher to handle correctly. Here’s when a reasonable attorney may be critical to your case:

    • Complex personal injury cases in which you want and need extensive compensation packages
    • Intellectual property claims, such as a violation of copyrights, patents, or other similar cases
    • Injuries caused by medical malpractice, such as surgical errors that impact your health
    • Cases in which fiduciary duty was breached, such as inappropriate financial trading scenarios
    • Any discrimination case, such as being fired for inappropriate reasons by your employer
    • Attacks against your character or those of your business, including libel, slander, and defamation
    • Environmental law cases, such as if another individual has polluted your lawn or home

    In essence, any time you are sued or are suing another individual, you need an attorney who is willing to fight for your rights. These experts can work to prepare your case and take other steps to increase your chances of winning. For instance, they are trained to handle the demands of the appeals process and will do whatever it takes to ensure you have a better chance of winning.

    How Litigation Attorneys Handle Appeals

    If your case doesn’t go the way that you hoped, litigation attorneys can help with an appeal. That said, they cannot successfully appeal your case simply because you don’t like the result. Instead, they must gather and present new data that shows why your trial result was inappropriate. This process is challenging and doesn’t always go well but can help delay payments or prevent you from legal consequences for a time. Typically, there are a handful of reasons why a litigation attorney can pursue an appeal. Understanding these will help make your case easier.

    First of all, lawyers pursue appeals if some element of your case was not adequately handled. For instance, if evidence was presented at the wrong time or was not correctly filed with the court, your case may be appealed. Appeals may also be successful if any court member (especially the judge) showed extreme bias towards a client. In essence, your attorney will attempt to prove that your case was not fair and that you were not given a reasonable chance of winning. Proving this point will require a lot of hard work by your lawyer.

    They start by drafting post-trial motions to appeal your case and identify reasons why it should be appealed. During this process, they create strategies that improve your chances of winning and gather new evidence for the appeal. These arguments are often complex and based on minute differences in legal interpretation. Often, attorneys must work tightly with other legal experts to gather and present this information. Bringing in research assistants and other lawyers expands your case, making it more expensive. However, it does also improve your chances of winning an appeal.

    Finding a Lawyer Who Has Your Back

    Civil cases are challenging scenarios that often put excessive strain on even the most prepared individual. Even if you are entirely in the right, you may find your claim being attacked and struggle to feel confident in your result. In this situation, the best Denver, Colorado litigation attorneys are essential.

    When you reach out to us at CYLG PC, you can access intelligent and skilled legal experts. Our case-hardened team has seen many different lawsuits and knows how to present them to the best of their abilities. In this way, we feel confident promising you a great chance of winning your civil case.