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    CYLG is a boutique Law Firm with a focus on complex commercial, real estate, and intellectual property litigation

    CYLG is a progressive law firm that combines the innovation, agility, and personal attention of a boutique firm with the sophistication and high quality experience offered by large national firms. Indeed, our attorneys left nationally-recognized law firms to create an atmosphere of increased responsiveness, efficiency and a focus on result-based solutions to our clients’ evolving business and legal needs.

    CYLG’s “client-first” philosophy is woven into everything we do. We utilize leading edge technology, alternative fee arrangements, and a collaborative team approach to each representation and project―all designed to streamline and enhance our ability to achieve the efficient and effective results our clients expect. We strive to add significant value to each client relationship we undertake and we believe that we succeed only when our clients achieve their respective goals.

    Benefits of Hiring a Business Litigation Attorney

    Operating a Los Angeles business can be challenging. Standing out in this crowded marketplace is often tricky, as is negotiating legal difficulties. California has stringent government regulations to protect customers and many other laws that may put a business owner in tricky waters. Thankfully, a business litigation attorney can help you avoid legal trouble.

    Business litigation attorneys provide a myriad of benefits to a business based in the Los Angeles area. Fully understanding these advantages can help make your operations more successful. It will also provide you a degree of legal protection from unexpected lawsuits, as well as many other legal scenarios.

    Manage Customer Complaints

    The most crucial role that a business litigation attorney can provide to a Los Angeles business is protection against customer lawsuits. Simply put, liability problems can impact many companies and cause legal troubles that may be hard to manage. These concerns will vary according to your company and other factors that may impact how you operate.

    For instance, you may run into complications with customers if your products or services start to fail. These failures may trigger lawsuits for personal damages, monetary compensations, and other types of financial costs. However, a business attorney will work with you through litigation and find a way to ensure that you don’t end up experiencing serious financial troubles from your lawsuit.

    They start by assessing your case and seeing whether it can be won easily. If you prove that you took the proper steps a reasonable business would take, you should be safe. However, a good lawyer can also tell you when to settle, which is a big deal for many companies as you may find yourself paying much less if you settle sooner rather than later.

    Critically, you also need to make sure that you have a business litigation attorney who can help you with accidents that may occur on your business site. These injuries can occur for many reasons and may even be the fault of the customer. However, you may need a good lawyer to ensure that you don’t take the blame and to keep yourself and your company operating smoothly.

    Provide Compensatory Assistance

    A business litigation attorney is more than just a professional who helps when you get sued. They also help you fight cases against others. This type of assistance is critical because business litigation attorneys can help you better understand your rights and ensure that your claim has a chance. If your case appears unnecessary, a trustworthy attorney will tell you and save you the trouble.

    But suppose you have a strong case that could be won. In that case, your lawyer will collect evidence, work with witnesses, prepare pre-trial paperwork, consider a settlement if necessary, and perform all other legal steps for your trial. They’ll also comfort you if you get anxious during your case and provide you with the insider knowledge needed to ensure that your case runs as smoothly as possible for your needs.

    Even better, an attorney can help to comfort you if your case gets challenging and make it easier for you to handle your day-to-day duties. After all, your business will still operate even when you’re in a lawsuit. When you put the case in the hands of a capable attorney, you give yourself the peace of mind to keep your company operating and avoid long-term anxiety and depression troubles.

    And what if your case is not successful? Your business litigation attorney immediately starts the appeal process. Appeals give you a second chance at success by pointing out problem areas in your case that could invalidate the verdict. Even if your appeal is a long shot (as they often are), your attorney is obligated to do whatever they can to help improve your chance of winning.

    Keep Your Digital Environment Safe

    You might think that a business litigation attorney would have little to do with your online operations, but that’s actually not the case. While it is true that business litigation attorneys cannot set up your online security, they can do much to keep your business safe.

    First, attorneys will check with your operation to ensure that you are operating in a way that meets the regulations created by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). This group helps to control online traffic and trade and has rules and laws that you must follow. A reasonable business attorney will help you if your site is hacked, and you end up experiencing troubles as a result.

    For example, they can show that you took steps that any reasonable business would take to protect your customers. Lawyers will also highlight different elements that make up your security network and highlight ways a hacked customer may have compromised their security. In this way, it is possible to protect yourself over the long term and prevent the kind of problematic concerns that may make your business more open to hacking and other related problems.

    And a high-quality business litigation attorney can also help you if you need to sue your security company. So if your online security firm provided low-quality protection or negligently ignored hacking attempts, you can sue for compensation. These lawsuits are not frivolous because the future of your business is more and more often centered around the digital realm.

    Don’t Leave Your Business Unprotected

    Doing business in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be a hassle if you understand the benefits of a business litigation attorney. Hiring a proven legal team makes it easier for you to keep your company financially secure. Your attorneys can also help you pursue lawsuits against others, such as if somebody steals your intellectual property or commits fraud against you at any time.

    At CYLG PC, we strive to provide the transparent and coherent help you need for your business. Our goal is to utilize a streamlined and engaging communication system and up-to-date input to create an effective litigation model. When you work with us, you’ll not only get protection from lawsuits but also get a team who legitimately cares. And don’t worry: we don’t like frivolous lawsuits either!